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Related post: Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2010 11:19:59 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant common underage pregnancy Gladiator, Part NineRELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Nine A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk yahoo.com)Read all of Pete's stories at groups.yahoo.com/group/petebrownseroticstoriesI was amazed that Mike did what he usually did - he grabbed hold of the bitch and began to fondle her breasts, then pushed off the skimpy "skirt" she wore so that he underage tattoos could rub up and down her naked body. His own uniform was roughly pushed down a moment later, and his erect dick sprang up and was soon crushed against the bitch's bare skin. He put one arm around her waist and began to lower her onto his mattress, ready for underage cartoon love fucking."Mike! Jamie's here.....""So fucking what?" Mike's reply was stifled as he had his face buried in her breasts, nuzzling away."Mike, the kid's sixteen! underage nonnude angels You can't fuck in front of a sixteen year old."Mike stopped his foreplay, raised his head, and said carefully "Listen, Steve, what I said a few moments ago to those guards was correct - 'all for one and one for all': all of us slaves here, and that includes you, even though you'll be free again one day, are gladiators. And I treat all gladiators the same: with respect. And anyway, as you petite underage girl rightly said, Jamie's sixteen, and he wouldn't be here if he wasn't - and at sixteen, underage pussy porn a man's a man. I've fucked bitches with you in here ever since you arrived, so I don't see what difference it makes having another guy in the audience too.""There's a difference between what's OK in the law, but sixteen's too young to underage driving be watching...."Jamie broke in at that point ."Hey, Steve, Mike's right. I am a man. And it's not as if I don't know about fucking! That's one of the reasons I was enslaved - for fucking my girlfriend. And I've seen other guys do it before - some of the school football team hired a whore after a big match, and some of us watched them....."Mike just smiled at me, and said casually "See.....", and began work on the bitch again.Jamie and I sat side by side on the other mattress watching Mike's usual virtuoso performance - well, in the tiny room there wasn't anywhere else to sit, and no way of avoiding family underage nude the sight (even if we could have shut out the sounds of the bitch's moaning and Mike's grunts as he fucked away). He likes to take his time, though, and I thought he was at the point of shooting several times before he slowed down, then moved the bitch to another position, before starting again. And of course it was very arousing - underage young naked I was so embarrassed as I'd sprung a huge boner and the underage models hot soft pouch of my uniform was tented out, with a damp spot underage rompl bbs becoming visible on the white cotton from my pre-cum. jap underage I tried to conceal this from Jamie by moving my position, but there wasn't much space at all, and I realised that I might as well not have bothered as Jamie was in the same condition.When Mike finally did finish he rolled over onto his back, lying by the side of the bitch, with his cock slimed with his cum and her juices lolling along his muscular thigh. "Time for seconds now....", he began, and I started to get to my feet ready to go over underage incest xxx to the bitch - in spite of not really wanting to do it in front of Jamie, I was underage pedo galleries so horned up by seeing Mike going at it that I suppose I no longer really cared."Hey, Steve - slow down, hold on.... We've got a guest....""It's OK, Mike. Now he's seen you, what harm can there be if he watches me?""Steve, I may be a slave, but I haven't forgotten my manners. Guests go first - I reckon Jamie ought to have second shot, and you can go third, if there's time."I was so amazed that I didn't know what to say. I mean, the bitch was a mature woman, like Mike and me, and there's no way a sixteen year old ought to be fucking someone like that. "No, Mike, she's too old for Jamie....""Steve, shut up! You heard Mike, I'm a man, like the rest of you. And a man makes his own decisions about things like this." As he said this, Jamie got to his feet and pushed his uniform down. His dick was rampant, at forty five underage pornvideos degrees to his body, but he looked so young and vulnerable as like underage kid sex all underage looking sluts the young gladiators he'd been completely body shaved. He was still pure white around his butt and thighs, too, as he'd obviously worn long-legged swimmers when he was at the pool - the stark whiteness of his loins was emphasised by the contrast with his deeply xxx underage youngest tanned torso, legs and arms.Mike and Jamie exchanged places, and I had the scent of Mike's sweating body and his cum next to me as I sat there - if anything, this made me even more horny. Jamie almost leaped onto the bitch, and she began to complain and say she wasn't going to service two guys!"Slap her, slap her hard, and show her who's boss!", Mike called out as he saw Jamie was obviously worried. "She's only a bitch, and here at Philips' Fighters bitches have only one use - to underage euro boys satisfy gladiators."I saw Jamie hesitate, underage petite boyz then, as the underage sex tgp abuse form the bitch continued, he raised himself up slightly and struck her a stinging blow across her face. She was shocked into silence, then began to wail, but soon stopped as Jamie half stood astride her, and raised his arm threateningly again."That's right!", Mike shouted. "You've got the making of a underage priteen real gladiator, Jamie. Now, get stuck in...."Mike and I sat there and watched and it was somehow very, very erotic. underage loita girls I suppose I'd got used to seeing Mike's powerful butt and thighs thrusting his thick cock into the different bitches he hired, but with Jamie it was somehow different: the contrast of his tan and snow-white thighs, his slim almost boy-like hips and butt, his long thin dick, and the totally different way he went about it - not starting slowly and working up to a faster and faster frenzy as Mike and I do, but going at it really hard and very fast right from the start. The bitch was squirming around underneath him and moaning and shouting as he thrust in and out of her with such a ferocious intensity, and then, almost as quickly as it had begun, it was over. Jamie threw back his head and shouted out "Jesus fucking Christ, I'm cumming....", his whole body arched in one convulsive last thrust, and newsgroup underage porno then he fell underage japanese porno forward on to the bitch, lying there, covered in sweat, and with his chest rising and falling rapidly as he struggled to get his breath back.Mike put his arm around my shoulder, and began to laugh. "Fucking hell, Steve! That was a better show than you ever put on. I reckon that if Jamie hadn't become a gladiator he'd have made it big in porn movies. Look at the length of those strokes, and the speed.... Still, that's what you expect from young guys, I suppose - lots of enthusiasm, lots of energy....""...but not a whole lot of technique", I added, not all that pleased to hear Mike saying I wasn't as good a stud as Jamie.I got to my feet and pushed my uniform down, and was sort of pleased that my dick underage lia model bounded upwards - lsmagazine underagegirls I mean, if you are going to fuck in front of other guys, you want to do it properly, don't you, and you don't want to have to stand there trying to get an erection before you start? I went over and offered Jamie a hand boys underage pics and hauled him to his feet - he was still half-erect, and I underaged thumbs suppose it must have looked a bit like a father underage nude petite and son, with me being older and so much bigger and more powerful than his relatively light and skinny frame - although I guess there's not a lot of fathers and sons who stand in front of each other naked, or, if they do, certainly not sporting erections! I was really ready for it now, even though I could see traces of both Mike and Jamie's cum on the bitch - I suppose I was so aroused that I was past caring. But as I was about to go into her, underage porn hot the lock rattled and the guards came in to take the bitch away."Look at this!", one of them said to the other. "He's still at it! gaypussyeatingunderageattempt The beast - it's been the best part of an hour and the fucker's still doing it. And making his buddy, and a kid watch! It's no wonder these men get enslaved - they're no better than animals - put them near a bitch, and they can't help but fuck her regardless of who else is around.""Hey...", I began, my tone showing my anger. Not only was it untrue in general as what choice did they give us but to watch each other, crowded as we were into such a small room? And it hairy underage girls was Philips' Fighters who made the whole thing possible, after all - if they didn't want us to fuck, why did they have their elaborate points system, and allow us to "buy" time with a bitch? But it was especially unfair as I hadn't even fucked her this time!"Keep a respectful tongue in your head, slave!", the guard rapped out, unless underage tits pic you want a taste of my prod. "And put that cock of yours away - we don't want to see it swinging around like that, dripping pre-cum."I clenched my fists in anger and felt my body going into "fight" mode. Mike obviously noticed, too, as he sprang up off the mattress and positioned himself between the guard underage sexy modeling and me, with his back to the guards. He pushed gently at me to make me move back slightly (classic tactics to try underagemodel pics to defuse aggression, I suppose) and said half over his shoulder to the guard "It's OK, sir - Steve's just a little overexcited. You know how it is when you're having sex...."That's one of the things about Mike, I suppose - he's a sort of "people person", in that his body language and the way he was pushing me very gently was little models underage somehow calming. And at the same time what he said to the guard was in some way kind of "conspiratorial", as if he and the guard were sharing a truism common to all men."All right, boy", the guard said to me. "Just be a bit more respectful next time. And help the bitch up...."Mike was making small gestures at me with his head and face, and I realised what he wanted. "Yes, sir, sorry, sir", I managed to say dirty underage to the guard, and it was as if Mike almost visibly relaxed as the tension went out of the situation.Mike kept himself between me and the guards, though, as they led the bitch out and locked the door, as if his presence signalled both to them and to me that everything was under control."You stupid fucker, Steve!", he snapped at me as soon as the door was shut and locked. "You stupid fucker! Going on at the guard like that....""They were wrong, Mike, you know that, they....""They are guards, Steve. And you're a slave. So they're always right, OK? And they've got illegal underage childsex prods, and if they'd used them on you, they wouldn't have stopped there. And I don't much care if you get prodded - sometimes you can be such a pain underage pictures porno in the ass that I reckon you need it a few more times to ram home the lesson to you that you're a slave. But I certainly don't want it, and there's Jamie, too...""Next time, mind our own fucking business... I'll deal with the illegal asians underage guards for myself...." I was getting angry now, probably because I had been expecting to fuck and was now totally frustrated."As I said, Steve, sometimes you can be a real pain in the ass. You have no idea about how a slave should behave if he wants to avoid trouble. You're lucky Straughan put you with me to teach you the ropes...."It was unwise of me I know, but Mike had teenies nude underage been pressing towards me all the time we'd been speaking, and now I put the palms of both hands on his shoulders and pushed back at him - asian underage naked there's only so much of a man's space you can invade. And, of course, like the previous time Mike reacted instantly and by reflex. Bu I had been trained more and was a lot fitter than I'd been the last time we fought, so it wasn't the pushover it had been. Mike and I grappled around on the mattresses and concrete floor, with Jamie leaping around avoiding our bodies as best he could.I may have done better, but Mike was still the champion and after a minute or so he was sitting astride me, his knees pinioning my arms to the ground. He sat there, his dick now erect again, glistening with his cum and the bitch's juices. "I child underage pics ought to fuck you this time, Steve. You didn't learn last time.", he told me. "But luckily for you that bitch tired me out. So just kiss my dick, Steve, and that'll end it....""No way!""Steve, remember what happened last time? Do you want to suck my dick, with Jamie watching? Or perhaps I need to go the whole way - show you who's boss in here by using your ass...""You wouldn't.....""Want to risk it?" As he said this, Mike moved his body forward so that his dick was right over his face. I was assailed by the smell of sex. I tried to turn he head, but ukranian girls underage Mike gripped me by the chin and dug his thumb and fingers into my face, quite painfully, to hold me there. He lowered his dick and just touched the slit onto my lips. "There, Steve. I'll accept that. Not much of a kiss... But it will do, for the present."He leaped up off me, and then went about pulling the mattresses together, just as if nothing had happened. Short of attacking him again, there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it. I felt utterly humiliated, though, especially as I could see Jamie looking at Mike almost as if he was a hero."Bed time, then", Mike called out cheerfully as he finished pulling the mattresses around. He lay against the wall of our room, and motioned for Jamie to lie next to him. Jamie went to pull on his uniform, but Mike shook his head, adding "No, Jamie. Men sleep naked. And you don't want your dick constricted all night - and tomorrow you've got to wear that uniform for the early morning exercise, and you don't want the front of it all stiff where you leak cum all night!"Jamie looked doubtful, but lay down, keeping a few inches between him and Mike. "So don't just stand there, Steve! Get in", Mike told me, naked underaged petites and all I could do was lie between Jamie and the other wall of the cell - trying to keep a few inches between us.We only had two blankets, just as we only had two mattresses, and Mike fussed around pulling them over all three of us as best he could, and then we all tried to sleep. I say "tried to", advisedly - Mike dozed off almost immediately: well, he usually does as he uses his body hard all day and he doesn't worry about things; and after sex, I'd found, he was specially quick. Jamie was soon asleep, too - I suppose all the newness and excitement was underage anime girls overwhelming. But I couldn't get to sleep - I was frustrated and my cock was rigid, and I was worried about the punishment I was going to get the next day. I lay there, and, as you do, I started to "toss and turn", only to realise that I was then pressed up against Jamie's naked body. After some time I knew there was only one thing to do - I had to jerk off. So turned to face the wall and lay there in a tiny cramped space stroking gently at my dick as I didn't want to make a lot of movement in case I disturbed Jamie. I mean, free underager nudes it was bad enough when I had to jerk off normally, with Mike on a mattress next to me, but that wasn't so very different from doing it in the barracks surrounded by my marine buddies. But the thought of doing it when I was inches away from another naked guy with whom I was sharing a bed was so embarrassing - at one level I hated myself for being weak and giving into my body, and at another I knew underage hentai xxx though that this was the only thing I could do if I wanted to sleep.I worked and worked away, and even though my dick was rock solid and my head was full of erotic thoughts about seeing the bitch being fucked, I just didn't seem to be able to get the right mechanical action to get me to shoot. Instead of being quite quick, I reckon it took me about twenty minutes, and my arm felt quite sore from being forced to operate for such a long time in such a confined space. And when I did shoot, there was the problem of the cum - I tried to catch it as best I could and then bring my hand to my mouth to lick it young indian underage down, but I knew a lot escaped and when I moved my hand back down my body I felt that damp sliminess underage girls elweb in my pubes that confirmed it. I drifted into sleep knowing that the other guys in the showers the next sex underage clips morning would all be laughing at me as they say those strands of dried underage naked video cum in my pubes - and I nonnude girls underage knew sucking underage pussy Mike would really make something of it as he washed me!When I woke up the next morning - I'm quite a light sleeper and I get alerted by the sounds of the guards unlocking the other rooms along he corridor - I wondered what the fuck was happening to me: there was a naked body next to me, and for a moment I underaged pics lola was thrown back into my old life when I'd have hired a whore for the night and would wake up wondering where I was and what I'd done. Then of course the realisation flooded over me and I remembered that the naked body wasn't a whore who I would wake and fuck lazily before I paid her and turned her out, but Jamie. I half sat up, and for a moment I felt a pang of jealousy: Jamie was lying on his belly with one leg thrown over Mike's massive thigh where he lay on his back. And Jamie's body was right up close to Mike, his head lying on Mike's arm, and with his arm flung casually across Mike's chest and around his neck.Yes, thinking about it, it was jealousy! Look, I'm not queer or anything, but I really envied Mike having Jamie so close to him, and the air of total innocence of xxx underage insest the young guy as he lay sprawled there only pics underage nudes made it worse. It wasn't fair - it was me who had risked getting hurt by fighting Shaikal to protect Jamie, and now it was as if it was Mike who was reaping the rewards.Still, there was not a lot of time for thinking as the guards like us up and about, so I leaned over and slapped Jamie's naked butt hard, to wake him. And I underaged teen leaned over him then to shake Mike awake, as I usually had to. It's funny how people are in the morning, I find: once I wake up, I'm ready to go. But Mike, I knew, took ages to "get going" and was slow and lethargic first thing. underage 69 Jamie seemed underage sex cams to be like that, too, as I had to shake him quite roughly in spite of the slap on his butt, then he slowly got to his feet, rubbing at his eyes. Suddenly he realised where he underage russian naturist was, and his hands flew down to try to cover his morning hard-on."It's OK, Jamie... We're all men here", I told him. "You'll see a lot of the guys like that in the morning...."Our cell was unlocked, and we went out to start the regular morning exercise that I've already told you about. Mike walked down the corridor towards the arena with his arm slung companionably over Jamie's shoulder, talking to him and explaining the routine, and as I followed them I again felt jealous - no, annoyed would be a better word, I suppose - that Mike was able to act like that when it was my action that had "saved" Jamie.I suppose I'd forgotten about the punishment I was to receive because I'd been thinking about these other things, but after our exercise when we were led back to the mess hall I wasn't allowed to go to the counter and help myself to breakfast. Instead, as all the other gladiators watched, I was told to stand at the end of the mess room and strip. I decided to obey without making a lot of fuss - to show that I was not scared about what was going to happen, and almost didn't care: that nudist underage pictures would make me look tough to my fellow gladiators. But I did get worried when, instead of the usual catcalls and jokes I might have expected as my uniform fell to the floor and I was naked in front of them, the whole room was illegal underage freepics deathly silent and the guys bent over their breakfasts, as if trying to pretend that nothing underage erotica model was happening.Two of the guys were ordered by the guards to do something, and went out, to come back a few minutes later with a wooden device - it was like an old-fashioned saw horse, with two pairs of legs in an "A" shape at either end of a central beam. It was clearly heavy new dilli underage and ruggedly constructed, as the two gladiators carrying it were not having an easy time.A guard came over to me and snapped "Hands behind your back", which I did, and he went behind me and I realised I underage incest passwords was having handcuffs put on. Somehow I naked models underage felt very vulnerable, unable to move underage teen nude my hands and arms, and being totally exposed in my nakedness with now no possibility of even trying to cover myself. "Kneel", was his next command, and it was so unexpected a thing to say that I thought at first I'd misheard. He slapped my butt - hard, really hard, and shouted "I said kneel, fucker! You're in enough trouble already."The sound underage vagina gallery of underage russian facials the slap had beautiful underage teens caused all the gladiators to stop eating, and now they were all looking at me. I underage modle knelt, but kept my knees together and my back straight so that my dick wouldn't scrape on the floor. There was a lot of fiddling around, then something cold went around my neck - they were putting a collar on me, some sort of steel collar. Then an order "stand", which I did.I soon found out the reason for the cuffs and the collar - the guard pushed my cuffed hands high up my back - not particularly caring if he hurt me. I winced but didn't cry out as I didn't want the other gladiators to think I was a wimp. A piece of rope went from the collar to the cuffs - I could feel it scratching against the skin on my back - then the guard pulled on it as if to raise my arms even higher tiny virgins underage than they already were, and my head was pulled back. He then stood away, and as I wriggled and moved, I knew he must have tied underage cum suckers the rope as there was no way I could move my arms down from their painful position. If I'd felt vulnerable and exposed before, it was doubly so now: my body was little sluts underage sort of thrust forward, making my chest, belly and dick feel even more "on teen underage pussies display" than they had been previously.The guard led me over to the wooden beam, and looking at fotoplenka underage it more closely I could see that the bar was of quite thick wood, perhaps a hands-breadth at the bottom, in the shape of a triangle with the apex at the top. It was smooth and polished, but stained a lot in the middle. The guard called two gladiators over and they were ordered to kneel on either side of the beam with their heads touching he floor. The guard underage litle teens then ordered me to stand on their backs, underaged young pussy and straddle the beam.It felt odd to have my naked feet on the guys' bare backs, and I guess they didn't like it much as I'm underage deflowered pics quite heavy and it must be kind of humiliating to be used as a small platform like that. But I didn't have all that much time to think about it as the guard snapped "Don't just stand there, waving your dick around! Lower yourself onto the beam!" I did as he ordered, and felt the wooden triangle press up between my thighs and against that sensitive area between my balls and my asshole. I pushed down on my feet to get comfortable, and relieve the model pic underage pressure on my crack - I underage fuck video wanted to say "sorry, guys", to my fellow gladiators as I did this, as it must be hard for them. The guard then climbed on the backs of the two gladiators, straddling the beam himself, so that he was standing behind me, and I underage model photos felt him fiddling at my collar. I knew the gladiators were in severe discomfort now - I could feel their bodies moving underage nudists tpg through the bare soles of my feet - as the guard's boots must be hurting. He didn't stay there long, but climbed off and shouted something to one of his colleagues. My head nice underage pussy was pulled slightly upwards, and twisting and turning as best I could I could now see that another rope now connected my collar to a pulley in the ceiling, and I was being held there.The guards seemed satisfied with underage big dick their work, and told the two gladiators under my feet to drop to their bellies and crawl away. As they did so, my full weight bore down on to my crack as it sat on top of the beam, and one of those pains rather like when someone has kicked you in the balls went through me. I tried to wriggle and take some pressure off, but it was no use - with my hands cuffed up high behind my back, there was nothing I could do: I tried gripping the beam with my hard muscular thighs but I was at a huge disadvantage because of the triangular shape of the beam and the inability to therefore get a proper grip. And I realised that if I gave up and decided to fall off the beam, the rope to my collar free underage girles would effectively hang me!The pain got worse and worse, and I knew the underage kids models other gladiators must have seen other guys like me on the beam before, as they silently finished their breakfasts and slowly walked past me, trying not to meet my eyes for fear of showing their pity for me. One or two of the braver ones - because the guards were there nude underaged teenies with their straps, ready to lash out - muttered "Hang in there, Steve", but that was all.When the mess hall was empty Straughan sauntered past and looked at me. "You're lucky I didn't have you castrated, you know that, don't you, boy? But by tonight you'll be wishing I had as that beam pushing up at parts of you not designed by mother nature to take your weight really will hurt. Now be careful, as you're a valuable property and no good if you're dead - just sit there, upright and still, and don't hang yourself!"He walked off, giving a little laugh, and I sat there with an ever-increasing level of pain rising up through me. I began to sweat - all over - and could feel it running from my arm pits down the sides of my body in a little cold trickle. xxx underage passes But soon any underage teens pics tiny sensations like this were totally overwhelmed as the pain turned into an all-consuming agony.I know they gave me water during the day - one of the household slaves who kept the place clean and who was watering the plants in underage hentai rape the reception and "client" areas was deputised to come past and use his long hose on a stick, normally used for watering hanging baskets, to push water into my mouth - but I was hardly aware of anything else as my senses were so totally overwhelmed by the pain. The only other thing I remember was having to piss, after I'd drunk - and there was no alternative but to do it as I sat there, allowing my piss to hose down into a big pool on the floor.By the time the gladiators came back to the mess hall for dinner that night I was past caring about underaged girls nude the humiliation of being there with my piss pooled under me - I could think of nothing else but the slow, remorseless countdown to when I might be released - I guessed, rightly as it turned out - that I'd be kept there as a lesson to the others until they'd finished eating. A lot of my buddies amongst the gladiators did what they could to help, by going around the others insisting that they ate up quickly, and didn't waste time having "seconds" (which we were normally allowed, if there was spare food). I still had to wait, though, as Straughan had to be fetched as it was only he who could order my release. He stood there looking at me, then turned and addressed the room: "I know you men can barely appreciate the agony Steve has been in all day. But think about it - even you light, young gladiators - your whole weight pressing down on that sensitive part of your body. You do not want to have to go through this yourselves, so be careful, underage supermodel gallery very careful, underage girls portal and obey all orders. And let me give you a warning - there will be only one warning - the next gladiator who attacks another outside the arena will not even be treated as Steve has been - he will, with no appeal, be castrated and sold off."With that, Straughan turned and left, telling the gladiators they could free me. At once several of the big guys like me came over and took grasped my legs, pushing me upwards, and struggling to undo pictures underagedgirlprono the rope to my collar. New sensations of pain flooded through me as I was gradually freed and lowered to the floor as blood rushed through previously cramped and protesting parts. My buddies were so concerned about me, though, that they stood there and didn't care that their bare feet underage underwear model were in the pool of my piss which remained under the beam.Mike and another guy had to carry me back to our room as there was no way I could walk. They lowered me gently onto the mattress, then Mike said calmly "Hang in there, Steve - I've 'borrowed' some of the analgesic cream from the physio's treatment room.... Let me rub it in, as it may help."I felt Mike's fingers start cp pics underage to push my thighs gently apart so he could get he cream in, but shouted "No! Not there! No-one touches me there!""Steve, mate, it's for your own good....""Mike, No!"He carried on though, and I lashed out at him. Mike stopped and pulled his fingers away, then threw his body down on top of mine, effectively pinioning me on to the mattress. "OK, Jamie - you saw what needs doing", Mike said. "Stick your fingers in the cream, and come and young underage nudists grease Steve's ass."It didn't matter that I shouted and called Mike every vile name I knew - he held me down as Jamie cautiously approached me, and then, with increasing confidence, started to massage between my asshole and balls. I felt like weeping, at the thought of a sixteen year old taking such liberties with my body.End Of Part Nine
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